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Tiromel 25mcg Ibrahim Abdi 100tablets is not an anabolic steroid but a thyroid hormone. It is used for treatment thyroid insufficiency, obesity, metabolic disorders.  it enhances the patient’s metabolism that results in increased cellular activity.



TIROMEL 25mcg IBRAHIM ABDI 100tablets is not an anabolic steroid but a thyroid hormone. It is used for treatment thyroid insufficiency, obesity, metabolic disorders. These tablets contain the natural thyroid hormone T3.  T3 (liothyronine sodium) 0.05mg  enhances the patient’s metabolism that results in increased cellular activity. Athletes use this hormone because it burns body excess fat without severe dieting. In this case Cytomed is used in combination with Clenbuterol to produce an increased anabolic effect. It happens because of the faster utilization of proteins by the organism, increasing the rate for new muscle accumulation.
While taking T3 athletes shouldn’t forget to increase the dosage slowly. The initial dosage is one 25 mcg tablet and then the dosage is increased by one tablet every three or four days. The maximum dosage is 1000 mcg. The daily dose should be split throughout the day to keep steady blood levels. Women should not take more that 50 mcg daily.
A cycle with Tiromel 25mcg Ibrahim Abdi shouldn’t be longer than 6 weeks and it shouldn’t be stopped abruptly. The dosage of T3 should be lowered slowly, one pill every 3-4 days. The constant thyroid deficiency can be a result of too long intake of T3 and it will be necessary to take this drug during the whole life. Before taking T3 you need to consult your doctor and to check the thyroid function. In case of thyroid hyperfunction it is not recommended to take T3. Athletes should never buy an injectable version of this product because it is much too powerful for athletic use. The beginners should try at first some weaker drug than T3 before starting taking it because it is rather strong substance. For example Triacana that is very mild in comparison with T3 or Synthroid that is an in-between point.

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